Philips outs trio of Android speaker docks

Android users get their own dedicated docks and it's about time

With all the noise surrounding Airplay, it's refreshing to see someone pay attention to the Android fans in the speaker dock department. Philips' line of dedicated speaker docks for Android smartphones, consists of the AS851 (above), followed by the AS351 and lastly, the alarm clock-style AS111.

Probably best of all is the versatility of the micro USB that jack pulls out, so it can be adjusted depending on the position of the port on your smartphone. It can even rotate 360 degrees. Impressive.

Unlike Apple's iToys, though, which can natively pump high quality audio out to compatible devices, Android devices will need to use Philips' free Simply Share application. Audio is then streamed via A2DP Bluetooth, with the app available through the Android Market to coincide with the release of the docks.

UK pricing is still to be confirmed, but it'll be the AS851 that sets you back the most, with the AS111 being the most pocket-friendly.


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