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Philips’ mirror TVs grow up

Once the preserve of fancy pants hotel rooms, Philips mirror-cum-tellies are finally busting out into living rooms across the land. We reckon this new 30 incher could be the first flat TV guaranteed to get wife approval for wall mounting

What’s not to like about mirror TVs? When they’re switched off, you can preen yourself in the reflection. Powered up, you can graze on the latest twists and outfits in Lost.

The only problem so far is that most of the mirror tellies we’ve seen have been tiddlers – an omission Philips has just rectified with this 30 inch LCD, the 30HM9202.

Like its predecessors, you can fit it with a frame of your choosing – we’re digging the cool silver one in the photo – and connect set-top boxes, PS2s and the like in addition to watching analogue TV.

We’ve been impressed by the picture quality on recent Philips LCDs, so we’ve got high hopes for this one. It has a high def-ready resolution but the lack of a HDMI slot means it won’t work some future products such as the Sky HD box due next year.

The 30HM9202 is out now for £2700, though we’ve just seen one going for less than £2k over on eBay [direct link].

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