Philips' IDTV army

Freeview may be your bargain ticket to E4 and The Hits, but it brings another frankly annoying box into your lounge. Which is why Philips' new eight-strong line-up (four LCDs and four plasmas) have the tuner built-in to the units and price. Chances are, o

Like an Icelandic geyser, Philips' IDTV range bubbled and swelled, then boom - eight new models were launched skywards.  The four LCDs and four plasmas all have digital TV and radio connectivity built-in and are HD ready via a DVI-I input, apart from the entry-level 42PF5520D. This means you can use them as PC monitors and, with the twin tuners, watch analogue TV while recording a digital programme.

The flagships are the ALiS (1024x1024) 42PF9967D and XGA (1,366x768) 50PF9967D plasmas which are further enhanced by Pixel Plus 2 processing and the backlighting technology Ambilight. Priced at £3000 and £4000 respectively, both will be out in September. That's not much time to save, so if you're after top-notch home cinema, consider E-baying your car imminently.

The top-range LCD is the XGA 32PF7520D and its 42in brother use the threatingly named Pulse Killer Chip to reduce interference from household appliances. The former is out now for £1600, the latter will be out in August for £1900.

If you're not bothered about all this resolution-enhancing Pixel Plus technology,  the XGA 26in, 32in and 37in PF5520Ds ditch the feature for more wallet-friendly price tags. All are available now for the respective prices of £1000, £1400 and £1700. The 42PF5520D is the bargain plasma alternative.

Flummoxed by the sheer wealth of options? Go to the official website for more info and images: