Philips 9604 TVs get priced and dated

Philips has just priced up its newest range of flatscreen TVs, and kindly let us Brits know when we'll be able to get our mitts on them.The 9604 range

The 9604 range of TVs, otherwise known as the rather less memorable 32PFL9604 and 37PFL9604, will be available in 32- and 27-inch designs, both boasting the Perfect Pixel HD processing chip and Philips' NetTV that – if you didn't guess from the name – allows you to hop online using your TV and remote.

According to the guys at Electricpig, the TVs will also come with five HDMI ports, and Ambilight Spectra 2 technology that makes the wall around your TV glow a matching colour to the picture on screen.

The 9604 range will be available next month with £999 and £1,299 price tags for the 27- and 32-inch models respectively.

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