Philips 21:9 TV – price and date unveiled

Philips 21:9 TV has already been spotted here in Blighty, but the Dutch giants were unwilling to hand over details on when we could expect to see thei

Well the chaps at Electricpig have got all the info, and may we suggest you hold on tight if you've even got passing thoughts of kitting your front room out with one of these bad boys.

Prices are set to kick off £3,550 here, with a release date set for June. The 56in TV will show off movies without those pesky black bars, letting you enjoy movies as they're meant to be. Just pray you're not watching anything in 4:3 though – you'll just get the bars either side instead.

That said, having seen it in the flesh, we can report it really is the way forward if you have a nascent Blu–Ray addiction and space for the widest TV ever.

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Philips 21:9

Price: £3,550

On sale: June

Contact: Philips