Peugeot's new hybrid runs two engines – at once

The 508 RXH has an electric motor for the back wheels and a diesel engine for the front, for extra oomph

Hybrid cars may once have been for trustafarians with hemp in their beards, but they've hit the mainstream in recent years. And most drivers want a bit more grunt from their engines than a Prius can deliver – so Peugeot has stuck two engines in the Peugeot RXH 508, one for each set of wheels. An electric motor powers RXH 508's back wheels, while a 2.0L diesel engine drives the front wheels – delivering a face-flattening 200bhp.

That means you can choose different options depending on how you want to drive: fast with both engines on in sport mode, silently and economically with just the electric engine, off-road with both engines working to give traction, or in auto for a blend of power and fuel economy (the RXH 50 clocks in at a whopping 65mpg).

Any savings you make on fuel will have to go towards the Peugeot's £35,000 starting price – but for what you’re getting that’s not too pricey. You get heated electric seats, a full glass roof, built-in sat nav, parking assist, and the estate size for comfort and multi-purpose use. And with a CO2 output of 109g/km your conscience is clear, too.

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