Peugeot’s EX1 concept smashes Nürburgring record

The French concept electric car takes a turn around one of the world’s most famous tracks

Peugeot’s all-electric concept EX1 has tamed the mighty Nürburgring, clocking in a time of nine minutes and 1.338 seconds. That’s a whole 50 seconds faster than the previous electric record (set by a modified Mini E in 2010) and looking at the impressive spec sheet, it’s easy to see how such a feat was achieved. The EX1 boasts one electric motor per axle,  providing a neck-straining 340bhp, which would explain the average track speed of 85.9 mph. Coupled with the Batmobile-esque looks, we have a car that’s not only good for the environment but can hold its own against fuel-guzzling Italian beasts in the looks department. We’ll be the first in line for one – if it’s ever released, that is.

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