Peugeot BB1 electric concept car

Peugeot recently brought its new electric city car concept, the BB1, to London to show it off. Being an electric car, the batteries sit under the floo

Being an electric car, the batteries sit under the floor and instead of single, bulky engine in the front, it has electric motors, one at each rear wheel. Freeing up that space makes its snub-nosed design possible and translates to a length of only 2.5m, but still manages to fit four passengers.

This one-of-a-kind concept has a 75-mile range, weighs in at a featherweight 600kgs thanks to its carbon-fibre construction, and has the very city-driving focused acceleration stats of 0-19MPH in 2.8 seconds. Its wacky shape also makes it look like it's travelling backwards, or at least like it would go faster in reverse.

Inside, to accommodate four people a bit of cunning work has been done: the pedals have been removed, with the driver controlling the speed and direction of the car with a sort of handlebar setup; the wing mirrors have been replaced by rear-facing cameras; and the seats are a bit like sitting astride a saddle, with the rear passengers riding behind.

Check out the pics: