Perceptive Pixel offers up 82in unlimited multi-touch screen

A six-and-a-half foot screen with unlimited multitouch? Prepare to spend the rest of your life cleaning off fingerprints

The Perceptive Pixel 1080p LCD display means business, literally. The display is part of a range aimed at business folk who want stupidly big touch-sensitive screens.

The bundled software allows for apps and comes with built-in love for Java, PowerPoint and CSS. It also has a StoryBoard programme for presentations that can be controlled from an external device like a desktop – though why you’d want that for a giant touchscreen is beyond us. It also claims to be able to detect an "unlimited number of simultaneous touches", presumably allowing for speedy screen-based brainstorming or just a spot of group fingerpainting at lunchtime.

So whether you "need" it to show off your latest holiday pics to your mates back at your mansion or just want to pretend you’re in Minority Report, you’ll have to contact Perceptive Pixel for a price. Brace wallet for impact.


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