Pentax updates the Chameleon to Optio RS1500

Fancy dress camera fans celebrate as Pentax’s skinnable slice gets itself a load of new faces

Remember the Pentax Optio RS1000? It had easy swap front templates that you could choose from, like a camera version of those Xpress-On covers Nokia used to do in the late ‘90s. Well, the RS1000 (also known as the Chameleon, for obvious reasons) has just spawned a second generation – the Optio RS1500. Like the original, it’s a 14MP snapper, and also has a 4x zoom, 3in LCD and 720p video. The major improvement is that to change skin you no longer need to bust out the screwdriver set. The new clip-on fascia means changing your camera’s look is the work of fewer seconds than ever before. The RS1500 is out in April and will cost £90.