Pentax prepping 30 megapixel 645 DLSR for 2010

If you don't think the 21 and 25-megapixel full frame sensors on the Canon EOS 5D MkII and Sony A900 are quite big enough for you, then you should sta

According to PhotographyBLOG, the Pentax 645 will be launched in 2010 alongside a new 55mm F2.8 lens. The camera, which seems likely to be pitched against medium format film and high-end digital models (such as those made by Hasselblad), will apparently sport a large sensor with "at least" 30 megapixels.

The camera has been shown off in prototype form at several photography trade shows over the past few years (hence the photo above), but now seems set to become a reality. Well, a reality for those with a few grand in their pockets, at least...