Pentax O-GPS1 adds GPS to digital SLRs

Record anything and everything to do with your photos – perfect for data hounds/stalkers/double agents

If you’re a geotagging fiend who loves nothing better than stopping off along Memory Lane, the Pentax O-GPS1 might assist your obsession. Slotting into the hotshoe of Pentax’s own K-5, K-r and 645D camera models, the nifty little unit will not only record the standard latitude and longitude of your pictorial masterpieces, but also the very direction and time coordination as well.

The Astrotracer feature also enables you to calculate the movements of stars and planets, resulting in pictures with solid white dots rather than a blurry, streaky mess of nothingness when you shoot them on a long exposure. Chuck in simple navigation functions, an electronic compass and weather-resistant construction and the result is a handy tool which should more than meet the demands of vain Facebook pictures or the documentation of cats wearing people clothes.

The O-GPS1 will land in mid June for £230, giving you plenty of time to scour the globe for the perfect shot.


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