Pentax knocks rivals for six (megapixels)

Actually, the S6 and the WPi aren't the most exciting cams we've ever seen. But they are welcome 6MP upgrades to the Pentax line - and the WPi looks like the best underwater digicam yet

News just in from cameraland.

Pentax has unveiled a new 6MP superslim snapper - an obvious Sony DSC-T7 and Casio S500 rival if ever we saw one - and an upgraded 6MP version of its waterproof cam.

The slim cam is the S6 (above right), and Pentax is lauding it as the smallest and lightest 6MP compact yet. Having had a brief play with it, we can report that it's a sexy wee beastie but the design isn't as spectacular as the Sony and the Casio. It squeezes in a 3x zoom and 2.5in LCD.

The WPi (above left) is more impressive and looks likely to cement Pentax's rep as the king of underwater cams. It's essentially the same as the extremely impressive WP but with an extra megapixel of resolution for your electric eel prints.

You'll be able to buy both later this month. The S6 will cost less than £300; the WP's price is not yet confirmed.

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