Pentax breaks out the unbreakable Optio WG1 and WG1-GPS

New toughcams up the toughness and get smarter

It’s not enough that Pentax’s new tough Optios look like something you’d buy in Snow & Rock’s Everest expedition section. Or that the 14MP snapper is so nails it’ll survive a drop of a metre and a half. Or that it can withstand 100kg of pressure, shrug off -10 degree temperatures and brave a 10m plunge.

The WG1 shoots 1cm macro shots when it’s 5x wide-angle lens isn’t involved in gnarlier pursuits and captures HD 720p vids at 30fps. It’ll be making itself known to your local camera shop from March 17 for £270, with the geo-aware WG1-GPS set to hit the shelf around the same time for a slight (but as yet unset) premium.