Pee your way to a high score

You won't need a controller to play this game, so drink up and game on

An ad display company called Captive Media has installed their first urinals featuring a pee-operated video game at The Exhibit bar in Balham, London.

After the success of Microsoft Xbox Kinect, control designers have clearly been wracking their brains for new ways to steer the online action. Like a great number of wacky ideas, we can be pretty sure this one was conceived one night down the pub.

As you walk up to the urinal the screen above it will switch from displaying ads to playing a game. You can then control the on screen action by peeing left or right (within the confines of the urinal, please lads). You'll keep racking up your score until you've finished your business, leading us to believe that particularly competitive gamers will be lined up with crossed legs and heavy bladders.

You can see a video explaining the pee-controlled game experience, or head down to The Exhibit in Balham from this weekend. Unfortunately there's no sign of a ladies version, though with a SheeWee in hand perhaps you'll be able to compete alongside the boys.

What next? Assassin's peed? Call of Nature: Modern Weecraft? Urine the movies? Drop us a comment with your best pee-inspired game names.

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