Pebble smart watch adds alerts from Twine sensors

Pre-ordered a Pebble on Kickstarter? Everyone wants to get involved including home sensor geeks Twine

If you're into a bit of 'if this then that' tinkering and home automation, then you'll be glad to know that the people behind the Kickstarter record-breaking Pebble smart watch for iPhone and Android, Allerta, are making friends.

Twine is a 2.5in Wi-Fi sensor, running on AAA batteries, that you can stick around your house and use to send alerts when it moves or vibrates a certain amount or the temperature changes. So you could stick a sensor on the back of your front door and hook up an alert to tell you when someone has been to see you via the Twine web app.

Twine also suggests setting them up to let you know when your washing is done and (probably more useful) if you've left a door open or your flat is flooding.

Add a Pebble watch into the mix, once they start shipping this summer, and you'll get Twine notifications straight to your wrist. Okay, you'll be powerless to do anything about the alert – you won't be able to control your house from your smart watch just yet – but we like the patter of these baby steps.

Twine sensors start at US$99 (£60) and if you pre-order one now, it'll arrive in July. The Pebble watch Kickstarter project has sold out but once Allerta send out the gear to all those early adopters, we're sure they'll set up shop to shift a few more of those clever e-paper timepieces.

via Engadget

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