PAYG iPhone 3G good–to–go at last

When Steve Jobs finally gave the iPhone a dose of 3G back in the summer, O2 and Apple both made sure to keep things pretty vague about the release dat

Well, at last, that day is here. Apple has just confirmed that you can now get the iPhone 3G minus the contract from O2. The 8GB edition will cost £342.50, with the 16GB version coming in at a wallet–wilting £391.45.

You won't just be able to shove in any old SIM though. You'll need to use O2's Pay and Go service. That said, by signing up you get a year's unlimited Wi–Fi and 3G internet access.

While there is talk of a proper SIM–free model showing up here in the UK, if you want an iPhone on your preferred network, buying a PAYG version and jailbreaking it is your only option right now.

Will you be buying one? Or do you think it's a rip off? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.


PAYG iPhone 3G

Price: £342.50

On sale: Now

Contact: Apple