Parrot Party packs NFC

You might think NFC is only shackled to the Nokia 6212 and O2 Wallet. But now Near Field Communications is coming to the Parrot Party Black Edition.Fi

First shown off at CES, the slick new version of the Bluetooth speaker system is set to hit the streets over the summer. Pairing up and blasting out power ballads will be dead easy as long as you’re packing a NFC cell.

All you’ll need to do is touch the devices together and away you go. It’s the same as using the O2 Wallet to boost around London via Oyster or pay for overpriced baguettes via your Barclaycard.

Parrot reckons 500 million phones will be touting the tech in 2010. Nokia’s already keen, unleashing their 6212 handset yesterday with NFC inside. And you can expect to see more once the O2 Wallet comes out of Beta later this year.

You can pair the Parrot Party with your PC or MP3 player  too, as long as there’s some lovely Bluetooth inside.

We’ve got more on the O2 Wallet and Nok’s new NFC blower, so be sure to take a peek and get up to speed on the tech we’ll all be rocking in two years' time.


Parrot Party with NFC

Price: £79

On sale: Summer

Contact: Parrot