Parrot Minikit Neo takes your calls on the road

Parrot dinky in-car kit lets you compose emails and texts or take calls without touching a button

It may not be the most futuristic thing we’ve seen lately (not even this week), but if your smarpthone doesn’t have voice control, Parrot’s Minikit Neo is happy to act as the middle man.

The Minikit Neo allows you to manage all your calls, syncing with the contacts on your phone so you can dial and write without taking your eyes off that old lady stepping on to the zebra crossing.

There’s even a free iOS or Android app to get your smartphone and the sun visor-mounted device chatting without any of that tricky set-up malarkey. Even turning the Neo on and off is controlled by the power of chat.

The Parrot Minikit Neo is out in September for £80.

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