Paramount denies Blu-ray defection rumours

With Team HD-DVD no doubt cranking up Klaxon’s ‘It’s not over yet’ in the background, Paramount today denied mounting speculat

The Financial Times had earlier claimed that the studio was ready to invoke a handy get-out clause, which would allow it to follow Warner Bros’ over to Sony’s house. But a Paramount spokesperson today denied the rumours stating that its plan is ‘to continue to support the HD-DVD format’.   

Blu-ray remains in a strong position with deals in place that give it access to 70% of Hollywood’s annual output, but Paramount’s titles for 2008 include potentially valuable blockbusters like Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull (pictured).

All this speculation would have made for a lively question and answer session at the HD-DVD camp’s CES shindig on Sunday. But we’ll never know – the party was cancelled at the last minute.