Parallels outs spanking new Desktop for Mac

Crazy as it might seem, getting Windows playing nice on a Mac is still a must for those who have to have their Apple hit, but need to play with more b

Which is where Parallels Desktop for Mac 4.0 comes in. The latest incarnation of the super–successful Parallels software, the whole idea is to make Windows and Linux OS's play nice with Mac OSX.

The new 4.0 version runs 50 per cent faster than its older 3.0 sibling and makes it even easier to integrate all the things you need from Windows into OSX and vice versa. That means you can stick apps from Windows in your dock or use Microsoft Office more seamlessly with your Mac. Helpful if you're a spreadsheet addict.

Like older versions, you can use the classic Windows view, or choose to make it all play nice with your Leopard home page. There's security built in, as well as a swanky new interface that makes everything look neat and Apple–like.

It's due to hit soon for £49.99. If you've already got Parallels you can upgrade for £24.99 until the end of November.

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Parallels Desktop for Mac 4.0

Price: £49.99

On sale: Now

Contact: Parallels