Panny's anti-shake cam gets steroids

We've long been fans of Panny's DMC-FX7 - it's been lodged at 9 in our Top 10s since Christmas - so we punched the air in a shamelessly uncool fashion when we heard about its upgrade, the FX8. The bi

Trying to work out which compact camera to buy is a damn tricky task. Like this new Panasonic DMC-FX8, they all have 5 megapixels, they all have a 3x zoom and they all sport whopping big LCDs on the back. Hence  recent efforts to grab attention in the form of gimmicky limited editions and novelty features.

The FX8's stand-out party trick is anti-shake - optical image stabilisation for the techie-minded - and it's actually quite useful. Low light and night shots suddenly become legible and blur-free and you can avoid making your friends look like albinos with the flash.

So, main improvements over its predecessor, the FX7? The LCD's now brighter, the movie mode is now 30fps VGA - nearly VHS quality - and the battery life's 162 per cent better at 300 pictures, bringing the FX8 into line with its Sony and Nikon competitors.

We like the cut of its jib - and we'll let you know if it makes our new Top 10 in Stuff's October issue.

In the meantime, you can buy one for around £280.