Panasonic's pint-sized pedalling robot

We're suckers for a robot here at stuff towers, and that goes double for a cute little robot on wheels. So we went all weak at the leg hinges when we

The little fellow recently spent 24 hours on the world famous Le Mans race circuit to break the Guinness World record for "the longest distance covered by a battery-operated remote-controlled model car".

It was all in aid of proving the chops of Panasonic's EVOLTA battery, responsible for powering the little pedalling bot and already winner of a Guinness gong for "the longest lasting AA alkaline battery". Mmmm, prestigious.

In 24 hours the tiny tricyclist travelled 23.726km – about 5.6 laps of the 4.2km track, following an infrared beam from a lead car. We do feel a little sorry for whoever had to drive in front at 1kph for 24 hours, though.

Now if they could only scale him up a bit, maybe I could get a robo-backie home from work...