Panasonic touts doughty FT1 toughcam

Panasonic has been hard at it this morning, giving their Lumix line a huge refresh, with a new touchscreen compact, the FX550 and an HD–toting m

Panny reckons this can withstand the shocks and knocks doled out by those who love a bit of skiing, underwater snapping or just doing things that most sane people would consider beyond the realm of duty.

It's waterproof down to 3 metres, so you can take it in the pool without fear of it conking out as soon as you jump in. Drop it one and a half metres and it'll be fine too, although we suggest you take care not to let it slip slide out of your hands.

There are beach and surf modes to ensure you get great holiday pics, with direct uploading to YouTube so you can show the whole world your extreme sports style. Sadly, this isn't via Wi–Fi, but we'll let that one slide.

Beyond all that rugged styling, you get a killer compact too, with a blue or silver bod', 28mm wide angle lens, 4.6x zoom, 2.7in LCD, AVCHD video recording and a 12.1MP sensor.

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Panasonic FT1

Price: £TBA

On sale: April

Contact: Panasonic