Panasonic premieres gruff new Toughbooks

Harder than a diamond-encrusted Ross Kemp in a tanktop made of nails, Panasonic has just launched its new Toughbook range of laptops at a swanky event

The rough and tumble notebooks take some serious beating. Tough enough to take a fall from 76cm without skipping a beat, or shake off a cup of water like a wet dog, the F8 (pictured), W8 and T8 laptops should be fully equipped for a night out with the Stuff team.

Under the hood (really, the lid looks like a car bonnet) there's an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 3GB of RAM, optional HSDPA and up to 160GB of hard drive space. Oddly, a durable solid state drive doesn't come as standard, but it is an option. A max 8-hour battery life should keep them ticking over well past the end of your PowerPoint, too.

All three are encased in super-light magnesium alloy, meaning the flagship F8 tips the scales at just 1.6kg, earning it a rep as the lightest 14in notebook in its rugged class. Not wanting to miss out on bragging rights, the T8 gets a touchscreen.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we're off to try and break one.


Panasonic CF-F8, CF-W8 and CF-T8

Price: From €1815

On sale: November

Contact: Panasonic