Panasonic outs Android phone plans for 2010

OS of the moment Android, has got yet another supporter in the tech world, with Panasonic becoming the latest company (well – since Acer's annou

Although we may not associate Panasonic with phones on British shores, the company has just unveiled a new phone for the Japanese market called the P-07A – a clamshell handset that opens up both horizontally and vertically. Ooooh.

According to Tech-No, it was at a press conference for this phone and its other 2009 handsets that Panasonic Mobile's big boss Heisuke Ishii, spoke about its Android plans – and they won't just be Japan-based.

He said: "We are seriously considering developing an Android based handset and entering overseas mobile phone markets in fiscal 2010."

Unfortunately there was little more to play with than that, but we'd expect more to leak through once production starts.

Keep it locked on for the latest, and be sure to check out our HTC Magic video to see what Android is all about.