Panasonic headphones play music through your skull

Panasonic RP-BTGS10 bone conducting headphones transmit sound using good vibrations, leaving your ears free to listen out for trouble

Panasonic has unveiled headphones that will shake, rattle and roll your bones.

Using bone conduction, the Panasonic RP-BTGS10 headphones rest just outside your ears on the temple. Vibrations transmit the music through your bones, straight to your auditory nerve. With her praying-mantis cheekbones, Kate Moss could be her own boombox.

The headphones (bonephones?) are intended for the responsible jogger, allowing him to hear his surroundings at the same time as the music. With their lug-holes unblocked, they can listen out for oncoming trucks, without having to pause their Eric Prydz/One Direction mega-mashup.

The Bluetooth skull-shakers use a single AAA battery, and include a bone conducting microphone, so your skeleton can have conversations on the phone. The headphones will be released this autumn in a variety of colours, with pricing yet to be announced.

If you start picking up Radio 2 through your teeth in the meantime, consult a doctor. And not Dre.

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