Palm Pre on sale today from O2

After an agonizing four month wait since it made its US debut, the Palm Pre has finally hit the shelves in the UK as an O2 exclusive.You can snap up t

You can snap up the iPhone-botherer, which sports the slick WebOS and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, from O2's high street shops and its online store on contract deals.  

Tarriffs start at just under £30 if you're willing to pay nearly £100 for the handset and sign up for an 18-month contract. Free handsets are available from £35 per month with a two-year tie-in.

All Pre tariffs come with unlimited Wi-Fi and data (though pesky fair usage applies). The Pre isn't yet available on PAYG.

By comparison, O2's tariffs for the iPhone start at £35 with a two-year commitment, but you still have to pay £87 for the hardware. The announcement that Orange is also to sell the iPhone has fuelled rumours of a price drop.

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