Palm Pre pegged for 6 June release

While us UK punters will be waiting impatiently for the mighty Palm Pre to land in our gadget hungry palms, it seems US mobile fanatics will be gettin

Engadget has unearthed an ad from Palm and USA carrier Sprint, which shows a countdown timer that finishes on the first Saturday in June. Conveniently, that falls just 48 hours before Phil Schiller takes to the stage at WWDC and gives the iPhone a new lease of life.

The date fits in neatly with previous rumours, with Palm clearly keen to beat Apple to the post with their next–gen handset. And if Cupertino fails to deliver something outstanding, they're going to have real competition on their hands.

Nokia's N97 is also due that very same week, meaning at long last we've got a proper smartphone showdown to get excited about.

Want to know more about the Palm Pre? Take a look at it now in our hands–on video.