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Palm Pre – launching 5 June?

Palm has played its cards pretty close to its chest with the launch of the Pre handset, but it seems even the most careful of companies isn't resistan

The Boy Genius Report has got its hands on what appears to be a leaked internal memo, detailing a three-day timetable of US-based meetings surrounding the Pre.

Pretty dull you might think. However, it seems these meetings could well be leading up to the official launch of the highly-anticipated handset, with the 5 June from 12pm set aside for “LAUNCH LUNCH!”

Of course this is all still rumour and speculation, but considering the talk on the town is that American retailer Best Buy is set to begin its trial launch of the Pre on 7 June, it’s certainly bordering on the believable.

Sadly all this excitement isn’t going to affect us Brits just yet, but we’d hope a UK Palm Pre launch won’t be far behind.

We’ll keep you updated, but in the meantime check out our video of what we thought to the Pre when we caught up with it at CES.

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