Palm Pre heading to Europe this September?

Lucky US mobile lovers have been able to toy with the Palm Pre for almost two weeks now. Sadly, us UK gadget fans are still twiddling our thumbs in an

The chaps at ElectricPig have all the details, with Romanian distributors saying the Pre will be heading our way in autumn. Sure, it's a bizarre source, but would make sense given that a release just ahead of Christmas wouldn't give Palm a good run against the iPhone 3G S.

The Palm Pre impressed us when we had a play at CES back in January. Its WebOS can give the iPhone a real fright, but us UK punters won't know for sure until we get hold of a model optimised for these shores.

Word is O2 has got the exclusive all sewn up, with Sprint keeping monopilised across the pond.

For more, take a peep at our Palm Pre hands–on video now.