Palm Pre gets UK pre-order online – yours from £450 SIM free

The Palm Pre has hit pre-order on two UK retailer websites, showing that you'll be able pick the phone up from around £450, unlocked and SIM fre

Expected to ship sometime around the end of October, m-Phone has the phone up for grabs for £449.98, while Handtec has it listed on pre-order for £517.49 (despite a previously reported price of £399.99).

As pricey as this sounds, an unlocked iPhone 3G S will set you back in excess of £600 on these sites, so it still comes in cheaper than its big rival.

Expansys has kept unusually quiet on a price and date for the Pre, as has – but we expect it won't be long before we'll be getting word from them after this.

Despite October whisperings, no official dates have yet been confirmed for Palm's handset – all we know is it will be coming to O2 before Christmas for definite.

Even better, we'll be getting hands-on with it tomorrow at the PlayBite PR event, so keep your eyes peeled for some hands-on snaps later tomorrow.

Let us know below if you'll be forking out for a Pre – do you think it can really rival the iPhone? Via: IT Pro Portal