Palm Pre to be O2 exclusive?

First it got the iPhone, now it seems like O2 may well follow that success by getting an exclusive deal on potential iPhone killer, the Palm Pre, in t

The Guardian is reporting that the network operator managed to beat off bids from rivals Vodafone and Orange for exclusive rights to the handset, and will release it in time for Christmas.

This is a rather disappointing delay on the 6 June release date for the US, but limited stocks have forced the company to push back its release dates outside the States.

There is talk that O2 has been so keen to bag the Palm Pre exclusive because it is soon to lose its iPhone deal with Apple. Rumours have been swirling for a will that the company was looking to open up its handset to more operators – although this is another rumour to chuck on the hearsay pile for now.

We'll keep you updated, but until then check out what we thought to the Pre when we got our hands on it at CES.