Palm drops Windows Mobile from future handsets

The Palm Pre is still at least a month away from release if rumours are to be believed, but Palm has confirmed that it is jumping fully behind the pho

The news came during a rather bleak Q1 financial results call, when the company's CEO Jon Rubenstein attempted to divert attention away from the less than impressive numbers with something a bit more positive.

"Due to the importance of webOS to our overall strategy, we've made the decision to dedicate all future development resources to the evolution of webOS," he said.

Not surprising, but certainly not the best news for Microsoft, which already has Android to contend with in up and coming handsets.

There's hopefully not too much longer before we can get our hands on the Pre in the UK, but you can read our full review to see what we thought of the handset and its webOS now, and check out our Top 10 smartphones for an idea of how it fares.

Via: Electricpig