Over–the–air downloads ready for 3G iPhone

iPhone owners can already snag themselves a spot of music via the iTunes Wi–Fi store. But if reports in the New York Times are to be believed, A

It certainly wouldn’t come as a surprise, with one record label exec saying Jobs and his buddies were keen to get everything tied up for a June launch. Does that date sounds familiar?

The labels however, are said to be holding out for more cash because tracks aren’t being flogged over standard phone lines. Seeing as Nokia is already getting in on the act with their Music Store and N series cells, it’s not that great a leap to consider Apple might want in on the action.

The same report also suggests Cupertino is planning an answer tones service, letting you choose a tune to listen to while you’re waiting for someone to pick up your call. Obviously, this’d mean paying extra, just as you currently do with ringtones.

For our money, we reckon this could easily appear as part of the 3G iPhone announcement. Surely it’s a killer way for Apple to immediately start clawing back some cash. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.