OUYA Android console completes Kickstarter whip-round and prepares for March release

Having completed its funding on Kickstarter, the OUYA console is ready for reality – and it’s got a shipping date

We’d all like to make US$8.5m a month, and that’s how much OUYA – our favourite hackable Android console – has got itself after a quick whip-round on Kickstarter. Now the little console that could has become the little console that can, it’s set itself a March shipping date.

With partnerships coming in from Robotoki (founded by Call of Duty dev Robert Bowling), Namco Bandai, OnLive and XBMC (the multi-platform media centre software), OUYA’s future is looking less and less pipe dream-shaped. In fact, we’re as excited about its imminent arrival as we would be if we got an US$8.5m paycheque.

Expect non-Kickstarter pre-ordering to begin soon. We’ll let you know when that happens.

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