Oscars for apps? Meet the Appys

The Stuff Gadget Awards blazed a trail with its App gong. Now Carphone Warehouse is unrolling the red carpet for an app-only awards

Apps are the new celebs. That’s the word from Carphone Warehouse, which plans to interview individual angry birds as they clamber from their limos on to the red carpet at the inaugural Appys.

Okay, they’re not really going to interview app game characters (for shame) but CPW is indeed launching some app-only awards, and it’s calling them the Appys.

Apps will be shortlisted by the company’s employees and refined by a panel of expert judges to an even shorter list of just 50 apps, to be announced next month. The great British punter will then vote in 10 categories to select the winners, announced in April.

Or you could wait until later in the year and see what makes the shortlist for App of the Year in the Stuff Gadget Awards 2011. Not that we’re calling copycat. Oh, no. Or we won't if they shortlist the Stuff DNA iPad app.