Ordnance Survey creates Minecraft map of Great Britain

22 billion blocks used to create geographically-accurate terrain
Ordnance Survey Minecraft map

Enterprising Minecraft players have created everything from working computers to the fictional world of Westeros from Game of Thrones in the block-building game.

Now the Ordnance Survey's got in on the act with a geographically-accurate rendition of Britain, rendered in Minecraft. 

Intern Joseph Braybrook worked with the OS Innovation Labs to map 224,000 square km of mainland Great Britain using the Ordnance Survey's geographical data and two programs – OS Terrain 50 and OS VectorMap.

The final product uses some some 22 billion Minecraft blocks, and the Labs team reckons that it "may be the largest Minecraft ever built based on real-world data." With the map clocking in at 3.6GB when uncompressed, that's no idle boast.

Want to explore the Minecraft map? You can download it at the Ordnance Survey website.

[Ordnance Survey via BBC News]