Orbitsound T14 soundbar blasts out

This iPod-docking soundbar system hides some seriously clever tech

Orbitsound has completely overhauled its successful iPod-docking soundbar-and-subwoofer system.

Where the T12 had an iPod dock built into the bar, the T14 has separated it completely, enabling it to cram in some incredibly clever new tech.

Smart gubbins inside can sense how much resistance the speakers are getting from their surroundings to tell whether it needs to adjust sound levels to suit the size of room. Or even if someone goes and stands in front of it

Also new is that cool LED-lit volume indicator, and we're told the system may even be available in something other than black soon.

Still present is the wireless subwoofer, which gives it a bit of oomph.

Price will be £400, although there may be a £350 option without the iPod dock.