Orange's wind-powered mobile charger

[intro]It's festival season, which means Orange have to come up with another cunning publicity stunt. After the solar tent and text-me tent, now the

Orange does its best to make the most of its association with the Mother of All Festivals, Glastonbury.

Three years ago it was the tent with a solar panel that charges your mobile (don't tell them, but this is the tent I still use today).

Two years ago, they came up with the 'Text-Me Tent', which raised a flag when you sent it a text message, so you can find your way home no matter how 'glastered' you are.

Last year? There was no Glastonbury Festival last year, dummy.

But they've made the most of a fallow year by brainstorming for something that will actually work when the heavens open and the inevitable thunderstorm hits Pilton: behond the Mobile Wind Charger.

They commissioned the University of Texas to design the prototype wind-powered portable phone charger. If you do go to Glasto, you'll probably see one working in the VIP area, while you're queueing for 6 hours to charge your mobile in the Orange charge-up zone. See you there...

BTW, you can watch our video roundup of festival gadgets here.