Orange PTT on PYG

Harbinger of walkie-talkie-based doom, Orange, has announced its Push-To-Talk service is now available for Pay As You Go customers. The service, Talk Now, is available, erm, now

The initial buzz surrounding Push-To-Talk has receded to a distant hum but Orange is about to put PTT back onto the agenda with its Talk Now service, allowing Pay As You Go users to take advantage of the benefits of PTT. Push-To-Talk, for the uninitiated, turns your mobile into a walkie talkie, allowing you to chat to up to ten other people on their mobiles at the touch of a button.

You pay 20p for each PTT session, allowing you to chat to friends and colleagues without running up bank balance-breaking call costs.  Each session last 30mins, so 20p buys you a lengthy chat.

Orange's new service is available on two new handsets: the Sagem My-C5-2T (pictured, £70) and the LG 2250T costing (£80). Sign up for the service now and get it free till November. You can't say fairer than that now, can you?