Orange mixes Wi-Fi with 3G

Huzzah! Orange has caught up wtih T-Mobile and launched its own Wi-Fi and 3G combo card. Now you can have your mobile office in orange instead of pink...

Can't bear to be parted from your attachments? Well, good news - Orange has just caught up with T-Mobile and put its first combined 3G/Wi-Fi card on sale.

Orange's card has a slightly cheaper monthly tariff than T-Mob's but costs  more to buy in the first place.

On the companies' low-use 7MB-a-month tariffs, T-Mob customers pay £11.75 a month to Orange's £10 a month. T-Mob's card, however, is £30 cheaper in the first place - Orange's costs £200 to buy.

Orange data heads will be able to use 3G on 11 networks in 10 different countries.

The Globe Trotter Fusion of the Mobile Office Card 3G is on sale now.