Orange iPhone tariffs priced and dated

Just under a week after we got whispers that Orange would be offering the iPhone on 10 November, we've now had confirmation this will be the case, alo

Both the 3G and 3G S models will be available on Tuesday 10 November, with selected stores opening early and closing late to cope with demand.

The 16GB and 32GB 3G S will be available for free on 24-month contracts, at £45 and £75 per month respectively.

This will give you 1200 minutes and 500 messages on the former, and 3000 minutes and 500 messages on the latter.

If you're after the 8GB 3G model, it'll be free on 24 month contracts from £30 per month, or from £45 per month on 18 month deals.

All plans will include an unlimited data bundle, as well as unlimited use of BT Openzone Wifi points.

If you'd prefer to go pay as you go, you'll be able to grab the iPhone 3G for £343, while the 3G S will set you back either £440 or £539 for 16GB and 32GB.

You'll get a tenner off these prices if you top up £50 within the first month, and no matter which PAYG tariff you opt for, you'll get 250MB of data for the first 12 months and the same unlimited BT Openzone Wifi access as pay monthly customers receive.

There's plenty of tariffs for you to choose from, and as with O2's offering you can get cheaper tariffs if you're prepared to cough up the cash up front from the phone.

You'll be able to pick it up in Orange stores and online, Orange HMV concessions, Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U.

What do you think to Orange's pricing? Check out the full tariff deets and let us know below if you'll be forking out.