Orange and T-Mobile could be first to get 4G in the UK

Everything Everywhere asks Ofcom for permission to upgrade existing mobile spectrums to 4G

Hankering after an LTE iPad or a 4G Nokia Lumia 900? You may be in luck – if you're on Orange or T-Mobile. 4G networks could hit the UK sooner that expected, if Everything Everywhere has anything to do with it.

The mobile network operator, which owns Orange and T-Mobile, has asked Ofcom for permission to upgrade its 1,800MHz spectrum to 4G – well in advance of the 4G spectrum auctions, according to trade website Mobile Today.

Ofcom's said that it will respond to Everything Everywhere's request by the end of March.

If the regulator approves the 4G upgrade, it could mean that Orange and T-Mobile customers will be able to get their hands on some sweet 4G goodness from the likes of the LG Spectrum and the HTC Titan II before anyone else in the UK.

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