Orange Amps announces new clutch of Tiny Terrors

Super-cool British amp manufacturers, Orange, has announced a clutch of new mini-roof rattlers following their award-winning Tiny Terror amp and combo

The original Tiny Terror topped out at 15 watts, which was enough for string twiddlers like Gary Moore, Mark Knopfler and Eddie Van Halen. But for the Nigel Tufnells amongst us who want to go ‘one louder’, Orange have now released the Dual Terror, a twin channel 30-watt head with a fatter, chunkier sound but still weighs only a few kilos.

Not forgetting the aspiring guitarists, sorry, bassists, out there, Orange are bringing out the Terror Bass. The 500-watt hybrid amplifier quakes like a Tremors worm with a twin valve preamp but is even smaller than the original Tiny Terror. Finally a reason for bassists to be smug.

And finally, if you were a big fan of the Tiny Terror, why not upgrade with the Hard Wired edition. All UK manufactured with high spec transformers, ‘carbon comp resistors’ and ‘mustard capacitors’ it’s a limited edition ‘boutique’ amp with a wider frequency response and lighter weight than the original Terror. Have a butcher at its guts below, guitar geeks. Mmm, wires…