Optoma’s pico–projector good to go this year

Call us picky, but projectors don’t normally float our boat unless they can spit out full HD pics and cost more than a family saloon. However, t

See, it’s a pico–projector. Don’t scoff at the name at the back, because these dinky image spitters take videos stashed on your iPod, digital camera and phone and throw out far bigger, and better, pictures.

It hasn’t got an official name or price yet, but Optoma’s model will be the first pico–projector to hit shelves later this year, before their rivals unleash there’s in 2009.

The potential for these pocket projectors, which run similar DLP chipsets to their fully built older siblings, is huge. Just think, you’ll be able to watch movies stashed on your Apple jukebox on a hotel wall soon. Talk about progress eh?