Optoma officially outs its Pico projector

The Optoma Pico projector has been splashed all over the web for months. But finally they've come clean and officially unveiled their new tiny device

The pocket size machine won't be giving high–end manufacturers any sleepless nights. But seeing as it can beam out a 60in picture from your mobile or your iPod, it's actually a killer way to get in on the projection game without needing a cinema–size room in your gaff.

Optoma says it can hook up to anything with an AV out facility. We saw it playing nice with an N95 and iPhone 3G. It'll also work with the new N96, meaning you can watch BBC iPlayer goodies wherever you are.

The battery holds out for two hours, so enough for a few episodes of Curb or The Wire, If you want to watch Spartacus though, you're bang out of luck. As for the other vital statistics, it weighs in at 115g and measures just 5cm.

At the moment, this is the smallest projector going, but you can expect to see a lot more of them doing the rounds. As long as you've got a white wall, you can fire out a picture. You can just imagine kids on the bus having a field day with it too.

It's due in PC World at the beginning of November for a rather wallet–wilting £250. Keep it locked for some hands–on pics in the blog channel.


Optoma Pico Projector

Price: £249

On sale: November

Contact: PC World