Opinion – Is the desktop computer dead?

Do Windows 8 and Mac OS X Lion point to the imminent death of the desktop PC? Throw your tuppence into our fiery debate...

The new features in Mac OS X Lion and, in particular, Windows 8 have a distinctly common theme – they're designed to make the desktop touch-based and more mobile. A finger-friendly, tile-based UI is the default front for Microsoft's brave new version of Windows, while Apple has added multi-touch and an app 'Launchpad' among other treats to its desktop OS.

So, does this mean the desktop computer is dead? With laptops packing the grunt we need for most tasks, and cloud services like iCloud promising to be the new hubs of our computing lives, is there really any need for a hulking desktop PC? Or do you think there'll always be a place for a big-screen computer with separate, finger-beating peripherals?

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