Opinion – Are tech companies getting lazy?

Gadget clones are everywhere. But is this really a new thing? Or even a bad thing? Time to stick your oar in...

Four out of every five gadgets is a direct clone of something that already exists. Okay, this possibly a made- up statistic, but wouldn't be entirely surprising revelation given the recent wave of familiar-looking tech. If we weren't being fed iPad doppelgangers at the recent IFA trade show, it was a tide of Macbook Air-alike 'ultrabooks'.

So are tech companies simply getting lazy and churning out cheaper photocopies of successful gadgets? Or is the balance of copycats to genuine innovators (for example, Sony's 3D head-mounted display) no different now than in the tech days of yore? Let us know what you think below and you could star in the November issue of Stuff, on shelves 5th October.