Opinion – Are gadget life cycles too short?

Tired of your new gadget becoming last-gen in mere seconds? Or are you lapping up the golden age of the early adopter? Tell us your thoughts...

Shiny gadget gets launched, shiny gadget starts to age, new gadget with better features arrives, once shiny gadget is retired to the knacker's yard. It's the circle of life, as a certain bespectacled pianist once sang. But is it now happening too quickly? Tellies and Walkmans used to last years; now some gadgets, most notably Android phones, are old hat before you've even got them out of the store.

Is this new throwaway culture a bad thing for gadget lovers and the environment? Or is it the realisation of the early adopter dream, and only really harmful to the tech addict's wallet? Let us know in the comments below and you could feature in the July issue of Stuff (on shelves 1st June).